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What Happens When We Crown Convenience [Podcast]

When looking for wisdom, many of us turn to a friend or loved one. But there's another person/voice we often listen to, sometimes without realizing it.


But our inner voice is often fueled by fears and feelings rather than facts or...

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Avoiding a Royally Wrong Response [Podcast]

How does shoe leather taste? 

When we put our foot in our mouth, it's more than embarrassing. And when we aren’t quick to make things right, it only...

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What to Do When Nothing Satisfies [Podcast]

Feeling satisfied with your life?

If you're like most people, you may not only feel discontent, but you work hard searching for something (or...

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Dying with Unfulfilled Dreams [Podcast]

Okay, so I'll admit it.

When you reach a certain age, your eyes start changing so that either reading up close or seeing things from a distance...

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How to Best Plan for Yesterday [Podcast]

We can't change the past...

Or can we?

As strange as it may sound, we can change the past that will be by how we live today.

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When God Makes Zero Sense [Podcast]

Let’s be honest. 

If the Bible doesn’t relate to our lives, what’s the point? We need truth to live by, not just truth that’s sounds nice. That...

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God’s Comfort When You’re Afraid to Follow [Podcast]

We all know change is hard.

Truthfully, though, we welcome change that WE initiate or can anticipate. But God uses surprising change that HE...

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One Perspective that Changes Everything for You [Podcast]

Unmet expectations, betrayal, and abuse can color our perceptions like little else.

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When Others Have it Better than You [Podcast]

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others.

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When Surrendering to God is Hard [Podcast]

Have you noticed how God’s tests are always pop quizzes?

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