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God Will Never Give Up on You [Podcast]

The second-most popular podcast from 2023 grabs a hammer and nails to help us build a fence. Here's why. 

Your property probably has a fence—and for good reason. A fence acts mostly as a boundary, letting someone know to stay in or to stay out.

God's Word is like a fence too—and for good reason.

In this episode of Live the Bible, we see a man who didn't just ignore the fences of God's law, he tore them down! King Manasseh was the worst king that Judah ever had.

And yet, in spite of how terrible Manasseh was, God never gave up on him—and He won't give up on us (or our loved ones) either.

Episode Scripture: 2 Kings 21; 2 Chronicles 33


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God Will Never Give Up on You [Podcast]


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