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How Can You Know God Accepts You? Podcast

God is love. 

But He is more than that. The same Bible also teaches that our Lord is a God of wrath. He loves sinners, but hates sin. 

So how does God choose which attribute to act on—love or wrath? And how can we know if God accepts us—for sure?

To discover the answer, this episode of Live the Bible takes us to a surprising place: the Old Testament book of Leviticus. (That's no typo.) 

If you've ever read Leviticus, you know it reads a bit like the new has rubbed off. A bit outdated. But once we look beyond the rituals, we see a richness and a relevance of timeless truths that help us know without a doubt that God accepts us—and why He does.

Episode Scripture: [Leviticus 1]


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How Can You Know God Accepts You? [Podcast]


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