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How to Give God Your Best Podcast

If you’re like me, there is something you'd like to change about yourself or your life.

As a society we're obsessed with self-improvement. As Christians, we’re committed to it. Whether it's exercise, dieting, or Bible reading, we're convinced we can do better if only we give it the ol' college try.

While there's no shortage of motivation for getting started, maintaining a change or improvement is the challenge, isn't it? We love the idea of improving, but we hate the hard work it requires. Well, we face the same dilemma in our spiritual lives too. We're quick to make commitments to God, but our follow-through can be difficult.

So how do we give God our very best—and stick with it? That's what we'll discover in this episode.

Episode Scripture: [Lev. 7:22-27]


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#201 - How to Give God Your Best


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