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The Mic is Yours - Special 200th Episode Podcast

This week is different. 

In this special episode of Live the Bible, we celebrate our 200th episode! Here’s just part of the impact we have seen:  

  • 380,000+ downloads
  • 162 countries
  • 11,000+ cities

But the true impact comes from God changing lives. That’s why this week our listeners have the microphone instead of me!  You’ll get to hear in their own voices how God has used His Word through the podcast to encourage them.

For example, Rosemary from North Carolina called in and said:

“I look forward to Wayne each week, to listen to his podcast. He puts in perspective for me the Bible, what the Bible teaches, and how to apply it to my daily life."

I love hearing how God’s Word has blessed each one of you, and you will enjoy hearing these stories.


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